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Affiliation Procedure

The basic procedure for affiliation includes the following steps:

1. After receiving the application for affiliation, a preliminary screening is done to ensure eligibility for affiliation and the presence of the necessary documents.

2. The eligible schools/institutes are allotted a Consideration Number for future correspondence.

3. All short listed applications for affiliation are scrutinised by the Board as per the laid down criteria for affiliation.

4. The Institutions found suitable by the Board are short listed for inspection by an Inspection Team constituted by the competent authority of NENBSE.

5. The Inspection Team submits the report after inspecting the institution along with their recommendations.

6. The recommendation of the Inspection Report is considered by a committee in NENBSE and if the recommendations are found suitable, the committee approves and grants provisional accreditation to the applicant institution.

7. After affiliation the Institution is granted a special code number, which is used for all correspondence with NENBSE and this is informed accordingly to the institution/school.

8. If affiliation is granted, the Institution is required to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NENBSE. The Memorandum of Understanding spells out the conditions for working as an Affiliated Institution on the part of the institution and the NENBSE. These are not poise covenants but are obligations on the part of the affiliation Institution of NENBSE to follow the functions and activities stated in accordance to the mission of NENBSE.

9. If accreditation is granted, the Institution is also requested to provide signatories who would jointly operate a Bank Account that has to be opened by the institution to undergo all financial transactions in order to function on behalf of NENBSE.

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