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Senior Secondary Course Equivalent to Class XII

Secondary Course

This Course is designed for those who have passed the Xth standard or equivalent examination from a recognised Board and would like to continue their education towards a Senior Secondary Certification, equivalent to XII standard.
You can choose subjects from the Scheme of Studeies given in Table-. However, you will be required to successfully complete a minimum of five subjects with atleast one language or atmost two languages, which is compulsory for certification.

Scheme of Studies
  • Five Subjects with atleast one language or atmost two languages.
  • Minimum of five subjects.
  • Two additional subject can also be taken.
  • The Learners are however advised to select the subjects as per their future plan of study and work.
CourseSubject Offered
Senior Secondary
Group 'A' (501)Hindi, (502)English, (505)Sanskrit, (504)Urdu, (505)Bengali, (506)Gujrati, (507)Kannada, (508)Kashmiri, (509)Malyalam, (510)Manipuri, (511)Marathi, (512)Mizo, (515)Oriya, (514)Punjabi, (515)Tamil, (516)Telugu, (517)Buru, (518)Nepali, (519)Assamese
Group 'B' (521)Physics*, (522)Chemistry*, (523)Mathematics, (524)Biology*, (525)Accountancy, (526)Business Studies, (527)Economics, (528)Sociology, (529)Political Science, (530)History, (531)Computer Science*, (532)Mass Communication, (533)Environmental Science*, (534)Home Science*, (535)Public Administration, (536)Music*, (537)Phychology, (538)Geography, (539)Physical Education*
*  Two additional subject can be taken from either of the two groups.
Subjects with * have theory as well as practical works.